Successful Magnet Designation – Case #4442


The HealthLinx Outcome Driven Process was implemented with a Nursing Assessment and Plan (NEAP) in late October 2014.
Strengths, opportunities, and risks were identified. In December 2014, an action plan was developed for a focused effort to move forward with desired deliverables.

In December 2014, the Nursing Excellence Project Management Plan (NEPM) for submission of Magnet® document on June 2015 was implemented. The six-month plan included determining the best examples to demonstrate the culture of nursing excellence, writing, content editing, copy editing, and publishing the electronic document.

  • 3-Day Project Launch, 2014 Magnet® manual review and SOE Alignment December 2014
  • 2-Day SOE Writers Intensive January 2015
  • 2 Day SOE Writers Intensive February 2015

The document was submitted on time in June 2015. The organization was notified in September 2015 that their document was accepted and a site visit was scheduled for December 2015. A site visit preparation and mock on-site survey project plan was developed. Mock survey questions were developed for clinical nurses, nurse leaders, interprofessional staff, physicians, and hospital leadership. A 3-day on-site mock survey was held in November 2015. Magnet® designation was successfully achieved in March 2016.


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