Magnet Redesignation with 4 Exemplars during the Pandemic – Case Study #4214

See how a 300+ bed hospital was able to successfully achieve Magnet Redesignation during the height of the pandemic and also receive 4 Exemplars during their Journey.

Back-to-Basics, HealthLinx’ theme for 2023

This year HealthLinx is focused on  going Back-to-Basics. Throughout 2023 HealthLinx will be highlighting content we feel fits this theme.

Building Your Career Ladder: A Guide For Nurses of All Experience Levels

We will work to provide guidance to Nurses of all level experience while targeting those earlier in their career and interested in a leadership path.  HealthLinx will look to share more than their 25 years of experience working with job seekers of all levels, but also...
Nursing Excellence
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