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Our Permanent Leadership Process

Riskholder Alignment

Coordinating the desired qualities and requirements the permanent leader must have in order to be successful for you.

Position Desirability

Identify the benefits relative to the competition in your market, and how they meet the needs of the leader you’re looking for.

Manage Intangibles

Understanding, considering, and overcoming things that cannot easily be measured for, such as cultural fit in your organization.

Process Deviation

Working to guarantee the project stays on schedule. Anything from clearing calendars, prescheduling interviews, and more.

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Interim and Permanent Leaders are updated every 2 weeks

Your Permanent Leadership Acquisition Team

Your team includes a nurse executive managing the entirety of the project and a recruiter who contstantly has their pulse on the market.

Led By a Nurse Executive:

Brad Robinson

Brad Robinson


Senior VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Darlene Smuke

Darlene Smuke


VP of Leadership Excellence

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Julie Marconi

Julie Marconi


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Kristin Opett

Kristin Opett


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Jeanne Schuppe

Jeanne Schuppe


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Supported By:

Leadership Consultant

With a constant pulse on the healthcare leadership market, and a variety of resources and campaigns, they consistently attract and qualify leaders ready to get to work.

Position Analysis & Market Feedback Report

The 30-Day Active Market Recruitment phase finds leaders that fit your custom leader profile. At the conclusion you will receive a report that includes our efforts:

  • Marketing
  • Market Compensation
  • Initial Quality
  • Screening

Leaders Identified:
You will also receive a transparent list of leaders organized according to their alignment with your custom leader profile.

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I’m very excited about (the new CNO) joining our team next month. Thank you for coordinating this important process for us. You and the entire HealthLinx team have been a pleasure to work with.

– President


“HealthLinx has been an awesome find for our organization. They have been instrumental in providing us with an excellent CNO, Interim ED Director and a new ED Director. They have their processes down to a science in vetting and finding new candidates based on our specific needs.


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