Hospital Assessments

From Department to Organization, our assessments uncover how to reach the next level in performance.


Looking to engage in a deep-dive assessment for a specific department?

Our Department Assessment provides a detailed breakdown of unit metrics and observations that results in a report of prioritized, actionable recommendations


Ready for a wide-scale analysis throughout your entire hospital?

This full-view assessment of your hospital goes from top-to-bottom with metrics, national benchmarking, and more that results in a report of prioritized, actionable recommendations.

The Project Executives

A HealthLinx team of experts will conduct your assessment.

Our team will conduct a variety of discovery sessions with key players in your facility, followed by an investigation into the data and details.

It’s all put together to create a robust report highlighting critical information to help your department or organization excel.

Assessment Coverage

We approach every assessment looking through the lenses of Micro, Meso, and Macro to understand the strengths and threats at each level to deliver actionable insights and recommendations.


(within one department)


(connection between departments)


(throughout the organization)

Additional Considerations

Operational frameworks and leadership capabilities are important components we consider for benchmarking and assessing willingness and ability to change for better performance.


Structures and Methods for performance, such as Magnet® and Baldrige


Micro, Meso and Macro Level Leaders set the tone for driving further performance

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Looking for Something More than an Assessment?

See if These Solutions are a Match.

Looking for more than an assessment, but also a framework from which to establish continual performance improvement?

Do you have a vacancy? Do you need more than just an assessment, but immediate assistance improving?