Project Management Leadership for your Hospital

Accomplish a deliverables-oriented project (program development, service-line overhaul, etc.) with expert management while tracking related financial benefits.

Project Management

A goal-oriented project with specific, well-defined milestones. It is led by a Nurse Executive who directs our on-site leader through the process of achieving these defined deliverables. This solution is designed for projects that have clear start and end dates.

Deliverables and progress are monetized whenever possible.

Project Management Examples

  • Oversight Post-Merger/Acquisition
  • Realignment of Duplicate Services
  • Central Staffing Office
  • Admission Transfer Center
  • Capacity Management
  • Trauma Program Development
  • Throughput

Sample from Past Project

Cardiovascular Services

Reworking of the cardiovascular service line leadership structure processes to position for growth. Case Study #2462.

  • Revised Physician Echo read procees and reduced average days to completion by 50%
  • Created outcome & priority goals for next year
  • Identified leadership gaps and developed curriculum to address
  • Developed CV Services dashboards and KPIs
  • Data baselines established
  • Evaluated next year’s capital plan and developed plan for the next 2-4 years

Your Project Management Leadership Team

Alongside the Project Management Leader your team includes a nurse executive managing the entirety of the project, supported by a leadership consultant who sources high-quality project leaders, and a data analyst assisting with project data.

Led By a Nurse Executive:

Brad Robinson

Brad Robinson


Senior VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Darlene Smuke

Darlene Smuke


VP of Leadership Excellence

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Julie Marconi

Julie Marconi


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Kristin Opett

Kristin Opett


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Jeanne Schuppe

Jeanne Schuppe


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Supported By:

Leadership Consultant

With a constant pulse on the healthcare leadership market, and a variety of resources and campaigns, they consistently attract and qualify leaders ready to get to work.

Data Analyst

A dedicated data analyst from our team supports your Nurse Executive on the project your leader is managing.

Our Project Management Process

Define the Project

The HealthLinx Nurse Executive will work with you to define the scope, timeline and deliverables of the project. From which, the right leader will then be found and put in place.


The hallmark of Project Management Leadreship is clearly defined milestones being accomplished on-time and on target throughout the project.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports deliver updates about, and insights into, the progress and completion of the project milestones along with any related financial benefit.

Monthly Reports

In addition to seeing progress to defined goals, we measure available and relevant outcomes over the length of the project and monetize all relevant KPIs.

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“Very helpful for [HealthLinx] to come onsite and visit with the staff and interdisciplinary team to capture their ideas and thoughts on this project, and overall to better understand who we were as a culture. It helped [HealthLinx] to find the right fit after assessing the culture. This type of in-depth, onsite process is not typical.”

– Division Director Neuro


“HealthLinx has been an awesome find for our organization. They have been instrumental in providing us with an excellent CNO, Interim ED Director and a new ED Director. They have their processes down to a science in vetting and finding new candidates based on our specific needs.


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