Permanent Leadership – NICU and Peds Director – Case #4244

Aim/Client Goals for Engagement

HealthLinx’ aim was to utilize a NICU and Peds Director project management solution designed to manage the Big Four Threats to Success™ in order to acquire a Permanent Leader within a defined timeline, and ultimately to improve outcomes.


Following an initial conversation with the client, the HealthLinx Permanent Leadership Acquisition Process (PL120) was implemented in order to remove existing threats and acquire a quality permanent leader within 120 days. HealthLinx always performs a diagnostic assessment, sets realistic expectations, and then uses its proven processes and best practices. Using this highly prescriptive process, all levels of the organization were engaged to develop and then execute the project plan.

Key Takeaways/Lessons Learned

1. Prior leader was there a very short time which increased the risk of staff acceptance. Assured that staff had a voice in the Diagnostic Assessment for what they were looking for in a permanent leader.
2. Location: When a hospital is located in an area of the country that is more remote, this desirability threat must be mitigated. A leader, in many respects, needs to have a personal or emotional connection to the community, in order to stay in the conversation about the leadership opportunity.
3. The Hiring Authority was open to an experienced Nurse Leader who was ready for a first Director position. This willingness to look at leadership potential and emotional intelligence was key to the success of this leader acquisition.
4. A Hiring Authority and HealthLinx VP are partners for a successful project. Constant communication is a must.
5. The on-site Diagnostic Assessment is essential to accurately representing the organization to a leader so that they have a good understanding of the expectations in the first year. In the same way, any presented leader is a match to the organization, already committed to the journey, and looking forward to pursuing the opportunity.


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