Why is Pathway to Excellence® so valuable?

Being a Pathway® hospital means you’ve established a Culture of Positive Practice that can be seen in RN Engagement.

The #1 Pathway to
Excellence® Consultant


Why Pursue a Nursing Excellence Journey?And How Does HealthLinx® Help You Achieve Designation?

The Process for Our Customized Pathway to Excellence® Solutions:

Here is a typical process that we customize to your needs when you partner with HealthLinx, regardless if you are yet to begin your Initial Journey, are midway through, or it’s your fifth-time Redesignating.

Inform, Assess & Plan

The Summit

A complimentary planning meeting that serves to not only inform and educate riskholders about Pathway to Excellence requirements, but also to promote alignment and generate excitement for the real, positive results your hospital could, or has seen from your journey.


A doctorally- or masters-prepared Nurse Executive Pathway® Expert will perform an assessment of nursing-wide performance to the Pathway standard and quantify nursing-wide and departmental areas of opportunity.

Key nursing leaders will engage in discovery sessions prior to this customized, on-site two-day Assessment.

This all goes beyond a gap analysis to establish a baseline for data (if applicable), policy and process and is used to create your project plan for guaranteed successful designation or redesignation.

Report of Findings

Takes the guesswork out of categorizing and prioritizing your risks and related timeline to successful designation or redesignation.

Your to-do list is now a robust, custom project plan and realistic timeline delivered through your own client portal that will serve as your project’s home-base throughout our partnership.

Your Nursing Excellence Team

Your Pathway to Excellence® Project Management Team includes your nurse executive account strategist, your project manager, and potentially data analysts.

VP Accounts & Organizational Strategy

An industry expert, nurse executive account strategist who will advise on a comprehensive strategy for achieving your organization’s goals and objectives.

VP Nursing Excellence, Project Management

A doctorally- or masters-prepared Magnet® expert guides you in execution of your to-do list to mitigate risks to designation while providing expert document support.

Data Analyst


Our data analyst team supports your account strategist and project manager by organizing and filtering your data for the purpose of evaluating nursing and organization-wide performance.




Pathway® Project Management:

HelathLInx includes any necessary foundation-building as well as the comprehensive document elements in your custom project plan.

Leveraging the Pathway framework, expertise of your nurse executive account strategist, and ongoing data analysis (when applicable) additional organizational performance improvement can be driven throughout your journey to reach strategic and system initiatives.

  • Regular Conference Calls
  • Bi-Monthy Status Reports
  • Writing Intensives
  • EOP Alignment
  • Document Review
  • Narrative Tracking
  • Internal Site
  • Content & Copy Editing


We prepare your team for the ANCC nurse survey.

We deliver a final report summarizing your journey to-date & outlining a vision for continuity between designations.

We will have a clear plan for utilizing the next 4+ years and Pathway’s “culture of positive practice” to drive greater performance.

Foundational Intensives

These are projects focused on key structural elements of any facility’s performance or nursing excellence journey. We complete a comprehensive assessment, develop action plans and support execution to meet your goals and timeline for improvement.

HealthLinx Foundational Intensives include:

  • Evidence-based Practice & Research
  • Journey to Excellence Infrastructure
  • Patient Satisfaction (inpatient & ambulatory)
  • Quality & Performance Improvement Infrastructure
  • Quality Indicators (inpatient & ambulatory)
  • Shared Governance

Why is HealthLinx the #1 Consultant Partner?

  Our Nursing Excellence Team

  • Full-Time Consultants to work with your team throughout the project
  • Consists of master’s and doctorate-prepared, experienced nurse leaders
  • Served as MPDs and CNOs driving nursing excellence at organizations from community hospitals up to large, academic centers
  • PhD-prepared, experienced copy editors dedicated solely to the copy editing work

  Performance Improvement Consulting

  • Dedicated Business Intelligence Team to analyze your data and monitor performance
  • Dedicated Performance Improvement Expert to drive the improvement across KPIs, etc.
  • Plans for Excellence containing all of the above, delivered to you quarterly
    • Continued Improvement Between Designations

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    “HealthLinx has been an awesome find for our organization. They have been instrumental in providing us with an excellent CNO, Interim ED Director and a new ED Director.”

    – VP-HR


    “There was very little time for hesitation, and [HealthLinx] ability to answer my questions and ease concerns supported my ability to assist with the preparation for a successful … re-designation.”

    – Director of Professional Practice & Research and MPD

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