Nursing and Finance: Get Your Nursing Staff to Think Like a CFO

Nursing leaders have often found themselves at a disadvantage when trying to manage the money side of nursing Finance.

In this webinar, we share some background on why this gap continues to exist, lessons learned and provide strategies in developing clinical nurses to become excellent financial stewards for you and your organization.

Topics include:

• The dreaded budget time and why so many nurse leaders find this part of their jobs to be the most painful.
• Financial performance matters and the need to take action now
• How to overcome the conflict of caregiver and business manager
• Data, Data, Data and did I forget to mention the importance of data
• Overcoming the finance-nursing void of understanding
• Designing the plan for bringing finance into the conversation with nurses
• Creating a team of CFOs at the bedside
• Strategies and resources for hardwiring finance as daily duties for nursing staff


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