National Healthcare Performance Experts Announce New Partnership

Category One Inc.® and HealthLinx® announced today a new partnership to lead organizations to the highest level of performance in healthcare. Through utilization of the Magnet® standards and Baldrige framework, hospitals working with Category One and HealthLinx will be positioned to achieve and sustain outcome-focused elite performance and role model results.

Category One is well known as the experts in Baldrige-guided performance excellence. HealthLinx is established as the leading expert in Magnet® Designation and Service Line Excellence. In establishing this partnership, the resulting synergy between the two companies will be levered to accelerate and sustain high performance faster and more effectively.

“It’s about exceptional affordable healthcare for every person,” said Joel H. Ettinger, president and CEO at Category One. “By leveraging Baldrige and Magnet, we create new methods for forward-looking healthcare organizations to become and remain inspiring excellence role models delivering only the finest healthcare possible.”

“The synergies of Magnet and Baldrige created a natural partnership for HealthLinx and Category One,” said Matt Berry, CEO for HealthLinx. “Simply put, this is the formula for how hospitals reach and then sustain top decile performance.”

Both Category One and HealthLinx are recognized as industry leaders. Their leadership and performance-improvement solutions have yielded significant positive financial impact for hospitals nationwide.

About Category One

Passion. And we mean it. Category One has over 30 years of executive, CEO and performance excellence experience. You get us – no junior consultants. We reject complexity and relentlessly focus on making the pursuit of excellence as straightforward and simple as possible.

About HealthLinx

We are obsessed with transforming healthcare facilities into great places to work that always deliver elite patient care. Our leadership and cultural solutions assess hospitals at the unit-level to improve outcomes and sustain a standard of excellence.




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