The HealthLinx Difference: Julie Marconi, MSN, RN, BSBM, CPC, CPMA, CCC

Meet Julie Marconi, Vice President of Accounts & Organizational Strategy at HealthLinx as she celebrates her 40th year as a nurse! Julie drives transformative improvements in hospital culture, quality, patient satisfaction, processes, and financial performance. 

Julie’s strengths lie in her background and personal history with Cardiovascular Services where she has been dedicated to clinical excellence, operational prowess, leadership & physician engagement, and financial performance. She has consistently helped achieve greater outcomes by leading and engaging cardiovascular teams across various hospitals having worked both as an interim leader and consultant in her years prior to HealthLinx.

Aside from her degrees in nursing and business management she also holds several medical coding certifications that support her work in the cardiovascular space.

Leaders like Julie play a pivotal role in shaping the future of patient care with their experience and passion. She is an invaluable asset to both HealthLinx and the healthcare organizations we serve.

As we shine the spotlight on Julie, we acknowledge and appreciate her tireless efforts in advancing healthcare and creating a positive impact on the industry. HealthLinx is truly fortunate to have her at the forefront of our mission to transform healthcare for the better.


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Join us in celebrating Julie and her contributions to all of our Leadership and Nursing Excellence clients as well as her continuous dedication to her role as Vice President of  Accounts & Organizational Strategy at HealthLinx! 


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