Fortitude for Intentional Disruption and Change – Transitional Leadership

You need to improve a department or function in your hospital that is not living up to its potential. Well, something needs to change- something needs to be disrupted.

“Disruption” is not a word that usually has a positive connotation, but it is an entirely accurate way of describing what happens when you initiate changes for improvement- real change is disruptive.

We promise you- it’s a good thing.

But let’s take a look at what Julie Marconi, MSN, RN, BSBM, CPC, CPMA, CCC has to say:

“you have to think about the context of disruption and who’s affected by it.

Sometimes disruption can make physicians very uncomfortable because… physicians can see disruption as somehow… you’re trying to call into question or challenge their practice when you’re really not.

You’re really wanting them to realize you have a real opportunity to align your practice with best practice.

…making them see… both formal and informal leaders in the organization really understand and see where their weaknesses lie and how they could be so much better, and helping them recognize it, but also strive for it to see the win it is for their organization.

Ultimately, everything we do should have the patient at the center of it … always keeps the patient at the center of all of it, of the why the disruption is needed and needs to happen.”

These disruptions, for the sake of positive change, can be big or they can be small. It is really a spectrum and every organization is different. Regardless, you have to have an appetite for it. If you need a little help getting there, if you want someone who is used to working this way there with you (like Julie), then let us guide you.

HealthLinx’ Transitional Leadership solution is used to deliver performance improvement to clients. A Transitional Leader and a HealthLinx Nurse Executive actively work towards measurable change, supported by a Data Analyst.

This team is hyperfocued on achieving short-term SMART (Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Timed) Deliverables, hardwiring for sustainable change, and positioning the department for permanent leader success.

It may be disruptive. That may be what gets you where you need to be.


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