The HealthLinx Difference: Brad Robinson, MBA, BSN, RN.

Meet Brad Robinson, Senior Vice President of Accounts & Organizational Strategy at HealthLinx. Brad spearheads initiatives to drive transformative improvements in hospital culture, quality, patient satisfaction, processes, and financial performance. With a rich background encompassing clinical and leadership roles in diverse healthcare settings, Brad stands out for his dedication to achieving clinical excellence and operational success. 

Brad’s strengths lie in his unyielding passion for clinical excellence, operational prowess, and an unwavering commitment to patient safety and satisfaction. He has consistently achieved top decile outcomes by leading and engaging multidisciplinary teams across various healthcare disciplines.

His notable accomplishments include leading a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) to AACN Beacon Designation, maintaining a CABG SCIP ACS of 100% for two consecutive years, and successfully increasing the number of nationally certified nurses by 400%. 

Before joining HealthLinx, Brad held positions in a variety of healthcare facilities, ranging from a large urban Level II Trauma Center to managing a suburban Level II Trauma Center with top decile performance in Cardiovascular Services. His transitional leadership across multiple facilities and service lines has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges hospital leaders face today. 

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, leaders like Brad play a pivotal role in shaping the future of patient care. His dedication to clinical excellence, operational success, and patient satisfaction makes him an invaluable asset to both HealthLinx and the healthcare organizations we serve.

As we shine the spotlight on Brad, we acknowledge and appreciate his tireless efforts in advancing healthcare and creating a positive impact on the industry. HealthLinx is truly fortunate to have him at the forefront of our mission to transform healthcare for the better. 

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Join us in celebrating Brad and his contributions to all of our Leadership and Nursing Excwllence clients as well as his continuous dedication to his role as Senior Vice President of the Accounts & Organizational Strategy team at HealthLinx! 

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