Talent Acquisition in Hospitals

Talent Acquisition In Hospitals

Do You Have The Right Leadership In Place?

Leadership is a critical function in today’s healthcare systems. Having the right leaders in place can have a positive financial impact on your facility, while having the wrong leaders in place could cost your organization millions of dollars.  Have you taken a good, hard look at your hospital leadership lately? Do you like the current results of your organization, or do you feel there is room for improvement in your talent acquisition? These questions should not be taken lightly because the right leaders help to improve outcomes, patient satisfaction and nurse satisfaction – all leading to a better financial position for your hospital.

Talent Acquisition – Leadership

At the most fundamental level, a leader is someone who leads others. But what makes someone a leader? A leader is a person who has a vision; understands how to communicate, motivate, and inspire others; and has drive and commitment to see things through to fruition. Leadership involves taking calculated and measured risks to challenge and support your team. The landscape of healthcare is changing rapidly, and without the right leadership in place it could be costing your hospital thousands – even millions – of dollars. The wrong leadership can have a long-lasting impact on the community‟s perception of your patient care and downstream revenue. For example, the mother who delivers her baby in your hospital is more likely to recommend your hospital/healthcare providers to her family and friends if she has a positive experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the labor force is becoming more diverse, older and more female. Today, those changing labor force demographics are already evident in terms of the increased number of working women. Working women are likely to be the primary decision maker for the family as well as the care giver when a family member falls ill.


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