Developing the Magnet Steering Committee

Assigning Tasks and Responsibilities to Ensure Success

We often find that organizations wait until the writing phase of their Magnet Journey® to choose and assemble their Magnet Steering Committee (MSC). The purpose of this paper is to show readers the importance of completing this task as soon as the Magnet® Project Director (MPD) is chosen and the organization has committed to beginning its journey.

The MSC is involved in many key initiatives, one of the first being the gap analysis for the project. Launching an effective gap analysis will be discussed in the next paper. We will focus here on developing the MSC, which begins with creating a charter. The charter (or bylaws) for this committee should include the following parameters:

  • Purpose: This may include seeking input, providing guidance and incorporating an interdisciplinary approach.
  • Membership: Term length should be specified, and membership should include representation from all nursing service lines and direct-care nurse and interdisciplinary members.
  • Decision making: The MPD commonly chairs the MSC, and the chief nursing officer serves as an advisor in a member role. Decision-making is by consensus vote.
  • Accountabilities: Examples include consistent attendance by members, developing project timelines based on gap analysis findings, completing tasks as defined by predetermined timelines, communicating with other staff/seeking feedback and promoting the integration of Magnet® standards.


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