Approaches and Helpful Hints for Writing the Document

Meeting Challenges and Organizing Your Narrative

The challenges to accomplishing writing goals and meeting the submission deadline are multifaceted. Each of these issues must be addressed at the beginning of the project (Phase II):

  • Resourcing the writing: It typically takes four to eight hours to write the first draft of each narrative, provided all the evidence and outcomes are available to the writer. To meet deadlines, all writers must have uninterrupted time dedicated to writing their assigned narratives. Competing work and projects must be discussed with responsible decision makers and either be removed, moved or assigned to another person.
  • Commitment from all stakeholders who are housing or responsible for components of each SOE: Quality reports, meeting minutes, policies and procedures are just a few of the important documents the writers will need to verify the nursing infrastructure and process. When these items are requested, stakeholders must deliver the complete materials in a timely fashion.
  • Commitment and dedication to getting the assigned narratives completed: This means all writers must commit to and block out time on their calendars to accomplish their assignments. This may require delegating the writing of parts of a narrative to others, but each writer is responsible to weave the complete, succinct and appropriate story.


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