17% Increase in RN Engagement for those on a Magnet® Journey

Per the American Nurses Credentialing Center, “The Magnet Recognition Program provides a roadmap to advance nursing excellence, with contented staff at its core.”  To ensure an organization has enculturated excellence and the Magnet® framework, facilities must demonstrate RN Engagement outperformance in the majority of units/settings. This is an intentionally high bar as we know more engaged nurses is the basis for excellent patient care.

RN Engagement increased by an average of 17% (resulted March 2024) for those on a Magnet® Journey

— based on HealthLinx aggregate client data


This data set spans from 2019-2023 and represents clients with two (or more) Nurse Engagement surveys during the selected period.


Pandemic Impact

We excluded three facilities from the above data set as definitive outliers. Further examination of the anomaly indicated surveys taken during the critical height of the pandemic were significantly impacted and were not fully representative of the whole.

If data from engagement surveys taken during the height of the pandemic’s effect on hospitals is included, there was still a 13% average increase in RN Engagement.

As organizations successfully navigate post-pandemic challenges, the HealthLinx aggregate client data suggests a 17% average RN Engagement increase is more reflective of current state in hospitals who embrace nursing excellence and the Magnet® framework.

The pandemic has decidedly changed the healthcare industry, but throughout the most challenging times, organizations who enculturate excellence inherent in the Magnet® Journey can achieve successful recognition. This is a clear testament to the nurse leaders of the original Magnet® vision as well as the talented, resolute, and compassionate healthcare providers in hospitals everywhere. We are proud to provide support and guidance for any organization pursing improvement and truly and deeply committed to a culture of excellence.

Want to improve your RN Engagement by 17% or more? Schedule time with us to talk about the impact that a nursing excellence journey can have on your facility.



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