Associate Spotlight: Holli Roberts, DNP, RN, VP Nursing Excellence Project Management

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare leadership, individuals who stand out as true experts are a rare find.

Dr. Holli Roberts is a seasoned healthcare executive with a proven track record of success. Holding a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration, her extensive experience spans various facets of healthcare management.

From leading teams to implementing strategic initiatives with clients, Dr. Roberts has been at the forefront of driving positive change in hospitals across the country through nursing excellence.   

With a penchant for lifelong learning, Dr. Roberts is not only a seasoned leader but also a passionate educator. She is driven by the belief that empowering current and future healthcare leaders with knowledge is the key to overcoming the challenges in our ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Her engaging and informative webinar sessions have become a cornerstone for professionals seeking to enhance Nursing Excellence in their organizations.

Access Dr. Roberts webinars below:  

Join us in celebrating Dr. Roberts and her contributions to the Nursing Excellence community and continuous dedication to her role as Vice President of Nursing Excellence at HealthLinx! 

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