2023 Top Resource Countdown

As we close out 2023 we would like to highlight the top 7 accessed resources of the past year and are excited to continue to provide valuable resources for nurses & healthcare professionals in 2024.

#7: Nurse Leader Careers 

Securing the 7th spot is our Nurse Leader Careers page, featuring available positions nationwide for aspiring nursing leaders.

Explore it now and chase your nursing career aspirations in 2024!

Explore Jobs Here

#6: Building a Culture of Nurse Retention Through Strong Unit-Level Teams

This webinar aides leaders in facing the growing issue of turnover plaguing the healthcare industry. 

Are you looking for new ways to keep your nurses engaged? Check out this popular resource below!

View Webinar Here

#5: A Look at the 2024 Pathway to Excellence® Manual Webinar

This session takes a deep dive into the new Pathway to Excellence® manual that will be a key resources for all 2025 designations. Set yourself up for success by understanding the differences between the 2020 and 2024 manual in preparation for your upcoming designation. 

Utilize this key resource below!

View Webinar Here

#4: Building Your Career Ladder

Our team draws upon their extensive 25+ years of experience assisting job seekers across all levels, offering insights from present healthcare leaders of diverse backgrounds during this presentation.

Gain valuable guidance on key areas to advance your career today! 

View Webinar Here

#3: How-to Identify Initiatives & Projects for Creating Magnet® and/or Pathway to Excellence® Stories, the Webinar

This webinar details how to create a compelling story for your document when pursuing a Magnet® or Pathway to Excellence®  Designation.

Review this webinar and help point your nursing excellence Journey in a positive direction!

View Webinar Here

#2:Leading Multi-Generational Teams

This webinar helps hospital leaders navigate how to create environments that promote the success of nursing staff across all age groups and nurture strong communication & work-ethic.

Review this resource below!

View Webinar Here

#1:Leading Through Unplanned Change 

This webinar equips you with invaluable knowledge, transformative strategies, and a renewed sense of purpose to share with your organization to utilize during times of unexpected challenges.

Access the full webinar below!

View Webinar Here



As many sought our resources to bolster facility success, improve team communication, and advance their careers this year, our commitment is to remain a valuable resource for nurse leaders and nurses alike.
Please let us know what you would like to see in 2024 and what resources would be most useful to you!

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