Why Turn Around Time Is Important

Time is NOT on Your Side: How to Find the Right Leader in 120 Days – Turn Around Time is Important

Turn around time to find the right leader for your organization is critical. Consider the following situation:

Your Emergency Director just retired after 25 years of exemplary service to your organization. As the Human Resources Director, your hospital turns to you and asks for the impossible: “Go find me someone better than Mary.”

You reach out to your network of recruiters, and the resumes start to flow in to your inbox. Many of the candidates seem qualified: Emergency Room Directors from your competitor hospitals, ED Managers looking to move to the next step of their careers, ED Supervisors who really manage their departments… at least they see it that way!

Interviews begin, and you see many candidates. But none of them seem to be the one – Mary was just so good! You pass on many candidates, and the next thing you know your Emergency department has been without quality leadership for over eight months. So what can you do?


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