Successful Magnet® Redesignation – Case #4518


The client contacted HealthLinx to engage services after they submitted their Magnet® Redesignation documents and more than 40 SOEs were returned to be re-written. The HealthLinx Outcome Driven Process was developed with a Supplemental Nursing Excellence Assessment and Plan (NEAP) in July 2014.

In August 2014 the Supplemental Nursing Excellence Project Management Plan (NEPM) was implemented, outlining a focused effort moving forward to document submission in January 2014. This six-month plan included determining examples, writing, content editing, copy editing, and publishing the electronic document.

  • 2-Day Writing Launch, SOE Review, SOE Alignment and Writing Intensive August 2014

The document was submitted on time in January 2014.


Based on the nursing excellence assessment and the very short timeline for writing the additional redesignation documents, unresolved gaps where identified. Several SOEs were identified as at risk for not scoring excellent in ANCC appraisal. An ongoing plan for further development of nursing excellence was put in place to proactively strengthen weak or underperforming areas while re-writing deficient SOEs.

A Supplemental NEPM plan included the development of examples, writing, content editing, copy editing, and publishing. These challenges were mitigated by the ongoing partnership and assessment of nursing excellence and by driving outcomes at the unit level. This provided the necessary evidence for the additional SOE requests that would demonstrate excellence. All additional requests were submitted within the required time frame.

The organization was notified in February 2015 that the document was accepted and the appraiser team would be on site in May 2015.


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