Successful Magnet® Designation – Case #4500


The HealthLinx Outcome Driven Process was implemented with a Nursing Assessment and Plan (NEAP) completed in July 2014. Strengths, Opportunities, and Risks were identified and a project plan developed.

In March 2015 the Nursing Excellence Project Management Plan (NEPM) was finalized and implemented outlining a focused effort moving forward to document submission on February 1, 2016. This 10-month project plan included identifying the strongest examples to demonstrate nursing excellence, writing, content editing, copy editing, and publishing the electronic document.

  • 2-Day Project Launch, SOE Review, and SOE Alignment April 2015
  • 2-Day SOE Writers Intensive May 2015
  • 2-Day SOE Writers Intensive June 2015
  • 2-Day SOE Writers Intensive September 2015
  • 2-Day SOE Writers Intensive November 2015

The document was submitted on time on February 1, 2016.


Based on the nursing excellence assessment gaps where identified in the areas of a shared decision-making model and enculturation of the Professional Practice Model, which had recently undergone revisions. An ongoing plan for further development of this area was put in place to strengthen the culture of nursing excellence.

The organization was notified in April 2016 that the document was accepted, it was going straight to site visit with only three SOEs requiring additional information.

A site visit preparation and mock on-site survey project plan was developed and put into place.  Mock survey question sets were developed for staff,and the 3-day on-site mock site survey was held in May 2016 with unit and group practice sessions.

Magnet® redesignation was successfully achieved in July 2016.


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