Strategic Planning

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The key to strategic planning is doing it. If there is no plan, then there is no consensus on direction, no prioritizing resources for the common good and no excellence. One of the biggest risks in health care today is failing to have alignment between the organization and all departments and, more importantly, the staff.

Staff are crucial to the quality of your outcomes — they can make or break them simply by following or not following well designed plans, practices and standards. We have all experienced changing practices on shifts, weekends and holidays based on the preferences of formal and informal leaders who may not agree with or understand the direction of the organization. The best and most evidence – based practices do no good if they are not followed.

Strategic planning must start at the top of the organization with the executive team and board. Once the organization or system has well-researched objectives and goals, these are taken to the departments for their strategies, assignments, timelines and objective measures.


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