Q & A – Magnet® Culture Through Transformational Leadership

During last week’s nursing excellence webinar, Creating and Sustaining Magnet Culture through Transformational Leadership, we opened the session to our audience for questions. We have selected one of those questions to address in more detail, which is listed below.

Q: Can you provide examples of innovation?

A:  Describing innovation in nursing, patient care, and/or the practice environment is a challenge for many organizations on the Magnet® Journey, at whatever stage. Frequently, organizations are indeed doing innovative things, but articulating specific examples can be difficult. The 2014 ANCC Magnet® application manual defines innovation as “…a novel set of behaviors, routines, and ways of working that are directed at improving health outcomes, administrative efficiency, cost effectiveness, or users’ experience and that are implemented by planned and coordinated actions” (Greenhalgh, 2004).

The ANCC Magnet® Commission states innovation is the hallmark of a Magnet® organization and additionally notes quality, efficient care to be an outcome of applied transformational leadership. Innovation is often the result of a transformational leader creating a milieu of support, nurse empowerment, and challenging the status quo. In addition, the transformational leader must ensure organizational agility in response to change and growth. The ability to facilitate rapid cycle change perpetuates innovations throughout an organization.

Study the definition of innovation and then brainstorm ideas based on your current organizational and nursing service improvement endeavors. Focus on those approaches that are new and/or unique in accordance with the definition of innovation. Many are surprised how easy it is to identify innovative practices once they concentrate on current issues and the steps taken by the organization/nursing services to solve them.


American Nurses Credentialing Center. (2014). 2014 Magnet Application. Silver Spring, MD.: American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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