Permanent Leadership – Oncology Nurse Manager – Case #4233

Aim/Client Goals for Engagement

HealthLinx’ aim was to utilize a Oncology Nurse Manager project management solution designed to manage the Big Four Threats to Success™ in order to acquire a Permanent Leader within a defined timeline, and ultimately to improve outcomes.


Following an initial conversation with the client, the HealthLinx Permanent Leadership Acquisition Process (PL120) was implemented to remove existing threats and acquire a quality Permanent Leader within 120 days. HealthLinx always performs a diagnostic assessment, sets realistic expectations, and then uses its proven processes and best practices. Using this highly prescriptive process, all levels of the organization were engaged to develop and then execute the project plan.

Key Takeaways/Lessons Learned

1. Position desirability (lateral move): This position was seen as a lateral move due to the nurse manager title and scope. We worked with the team to discuss further growth potential and to ensure the compensation was appropriate for leaders to help overcome this obstacle.

2. Position desirability (state of the unit): The current state of the unit was a potential threat due to the large amount of staff and leadership turnover. There was also a concern about clinical competencies.

3. Riskholder alignment: A threat of misalignment arose during the Diagnostic Assessment. HealthLinx worked with the organization to gain alignment through meetings with the other riskholder. This helped to achieve faster turnaround time for the project.

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