Nurses Week – 10 of our Favorite Things About Nurses

by | May 6, 2019 | Nursing Excellence

HealthLinx is pleased to participate in National Nurses Week to celebrate the wonderful things they achieve every day.

We’re fortunate to work with amazing nurses throughout the country. We see the incredible effort and dedication to deliver elite patient care, and we continue to be astounded by the passion required to deliver these results.

As part of this year’s National Nurses Week celebration, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of our favorite things about nurses, from items specifically related to Nurses Week to the incredible performances throughout the nursing industry.

1. Florence Nightingale is known as the pioneer of modern nursing. She was born in Florence, Italy on May 12, 1820, and her birthday marks the final day of the annual National Nurses Week celebration.

2. The first National Nurses Week was held October 11-16, 1954, marking the 100th anniversary of Nightingale’s mission to Crimea.

3. Before advancements in the early to mid-1900s, a nurse’s job description, in addition to more standard patient care, included sweeping and mopping floors, bringing in coal to maintain temperature, cleaning chimneys, and filling kerosene lamps. They were rarely given a day off.

4. Nursing is the most trusted profession in America today, with 82% of Americans in one poll describing nurses’ ethics as high or very high.

5. There are approximately 29 million nurses and midwives in the world, with 3.9 million of them in the United States.

6. Nurses walk an average of 4-5 miles during a 12-hour shift, whereas most Americans walk only 2.5-3 miles in an 18-hour day.

7. Striving for nursing excellence, 9% of hospitals in the United States have achieved ANCC Magnet® Designation status.

8. The median salary for a registered nurse is $70,000. California has the highest mean salary for any state at $102,700.

9. The job market for registered nurses is anticipated to grow at least 15% through 2026.

10. Nine hospitals and health systems were included in the 2019 Fortune “Best Companies to Work For” – all nine have achieved ANCC Magnet® Designation status.

To National Nurses Week 2019 and all the wonderful nurses out there – we thank you and keep up the magnificent work!

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