Join In Celebrating National Public Health Week

Join the HealthLinx family in celebrating National Public Health Week (NPHW) April 3-9, 2017!  The American Public Health Association urges everyone to do their part in progressing toward the goal of making the United States the healthiest nation in just one generation. There are multiple initiatives associated with a healthy nation:

  • Safe, Healthy Communities– consisting of healthy housing (without radon, lead, and other pollutants), walking and biking trails, decreased interpersonal violence, smoking and tobacco cessation/decrease
  • High School Graduation– create an education system supporting each young person to graduate high school
  • Economic Mobility– support a living wage and enable economic equality
  • Social Justice and Health Equality fight racism and promote healthcare access, criminal justice, and voting rights
  • Healthy Food– support local farming and nutritious food for all, free of contaminates; support menu labeling
  • Climate Change– help communities adapt to the health impacts of climate change; clean water and food sources for all
  • Healthy Choices– make it easy to make healthier choices; say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • Quality Healthcare– promote healthcare access for all; shift from treating illness to disease prevention
  • Public Health Infrastructure– advocate for funding of public health agencies; the U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other nation, but we are nowhere near number one in health outcomes

Although more Americans than ever are insured, coverage is only the first step toward being the healthiest nation. According to the Centers for Disease Control, leading causes of death in the U.S. include heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, accidents, and stroke.  All of these diseases have something in common:  they are largely preventable. Creating the healthiest nation means we must focus on how we live, learn, work, and play. The National Public Health Week is just one initiative, but there are so many ways to get involved!  Visit their website at for ideas on what YOU can do.

Advocacy and prevention of disease and illness has long been a sacred role of nursing and others in the healthcare profession. HealthLinx contributes to and supports high performing leadership, culture, and nursing excellence within our nation’s hospitals, but better healthcare institutions alone cannot get us all the way there. To truly reach our lofty goal of being the healthiest nation, all Americans must contribute, even outside of their professional lives.  The American Public Health Association and NPHW invites you to become a partner, submit an event, take action, attend an event, and step it up!

For more information on how to make the most of this week, see the National Public Health Week Toolkit at:

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