HealthLinx and Nurses Week

“I am a nurse because not only do I love being an advocate for patients, I find it an honor, and responsibility to raise the future of nursing.”


“I am a nurse because I love change. I love healing and empowerment. My why, is being able to empower patients and drive change to healthcare.”


“I am a nurse because what we do matters to each other, our patients, their families and our communities.”

As Nurses Week is in full swing, HealthLinx wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude and admiration for all the incredible nurses who make up the backbone of our healthcare system.  

In the bustling corridors of hospitals, the tranquil sanctuaries of clinics, and even in the comfort of patient’s homes, nurses stand as beacons of compassion, knowledge, and unwavering support. They’re not just healthcare providers; they’re healers, confidants, and often, the friendly faces that make daunting medical experiences a little less intimidating.  

During this week of celebration, we would like to give a special shoutout to the amazing nurses at HealthLinx. Their dedication to providing top-notch care is not just commendable; it’s downright inspiring. From the crack of dawn to the late hours of the night, they have tirelessly tended to the needs of patients with grace and expertise.  

Take an inside look as members of the HealthLinx team share inspirational bedside stories: 

Kristin Opett
VP Accounts & Organizational Strategy

Jeanne Schuppe
VP Accounts & Organizational Strategy

Kristin Whitehead
EVP Performance Excellence

Julie Marconi
VP Accounts & Organizational Strategy

Brad Robinson
EVP Accounts & Organizational Strategy

From all of us at HealthLinx we want to thank all nurses.

We appreciate you and are grateful for you!

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