Back-to-Basics, HealthLinx’ theme for 2023

This year HealthLinx is focused on going Back-to-Basics.

With COVID-19 vaccines and a normalization of COVID-safe practices we are– mostly– on the other side of operating in a major state of disruption.

Now, however, many find themselves caught in the middle between a state of emergency mindset, repairing things that got pushed to the back burner, and still striving to improve their facility to be better than before. It’s a conflicting, tough spot to be in. At some point though, we need to move on from chaos management and plan for the future.

What we know always works are the basics we were taught that helped us get to where we are. Our experts, working with facilities all over the U.S. have seen this to be true. Taking the time and effort to reset and rebuild that strong foundation could seem like taking a step backwards; however, it allows us to deliver reliable, quality care from which new systems can be built.

Investing during a time of financial difficulty is a calculated risk. You know your basics and what needs to be done to move your organization toward success. And yet, so many competing priorities make it difficult, if not impossible, to make strides toward improvement. Asking for help is hard; investing in help is even harder. In reality, the greatest risk may be the one you are not taking: invest in expert help and guidance and get back to the basics.

Throughout 2023 HealthLinx will be highlighting content we feel fits the Back-to-Basics theme.

If this message resonates, be on the lookout for our Back-to-Basics emblem; it will let you know when we’re hitting on this topic.

You can expect it to come in the form of both Nursing and Leadership-focused content that we believe can help you be a better place to work that always delivers elite patient care.

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