Pulse HealthLinx’ Network & the Active Market for Permanent Nurse Leaders

Our Market Pulse is a contingent placement model for nursing leadership with $0 upfront cost.

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Once we have the info on the role your facility needs to fill, you will receive:

  • Qualified and interested candidates within 10 days
  • A Discovery Call with a HealthLinx Expert
  • Short-term blast to 330+ job seekers

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Our Market Pulse Process

Phone Consultation

Before we start, we will put together a customized leader profile and list of priorities in order to find the right potential leader(s).

Market “Pulse” Conducted

We send out a blast to our current network, create a job posting on our site, and post to all our social media. We use the leader profile & priorities from the consultation to evaluate interested leaders.

Check-in & Report

Leaders are tiered based on match to your neeeds alongside a report of feedback from the current market.

The interim leader they placed at our facility was high caliber and very engaging. They hit the ground running needing little direction except for the nuances of the hospital. They were extremely knowledgeable in their specialty and laid a strong foundational footprint for operational success.”



Our primary goal was getting our leadership team in place, and [through the use of HealthLinx Interim Leader/Leadership] that goal was met and exceeded! We now have a functional team where we can build a foundation for growth in the Nursing team

– Director of Nursing

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