Interim ED Nurse Manager

Emergency Department

Jan 26, 2022

Provide daily oversight and leadership to this ED/Trauma Department. The Senior Nurse Manager is responsible for the management for Emergency and Trauma Services at this campus location.

The Senior Manager allocates resources to promote efficient, safe and high-quality care based on the professional standards and scopes of nursing practice within ED and Trauma Services. Competitive compensation, fully furnished housing, and travel expenses reimbursed.

Interim Leadership is a great opportunity to utilize your years of experience and leadership to assess, develop a plan, and lead sustainable and measurable change. Interim Leadership gives you an opportunity to:

  • Experience hospitals across the country and have a positive impact on their quality of care
  • Enjoy the freedom of travel and living in a new area while driving project-specific deliverables
  • Benefit from competitive compensation and fully-furnished housing during the length of your project; leaving with pride and satisfaction in the sustainable impact you had on an organization and their patients

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