Medical Surgical Leadership

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Drawing from our vetted, national bank of leaders, we can provide you with highly skilled MedSurg Interim Leadership in as few as 8 days.


Led by our Project Executives, our MedSurg Transformational Leadership rapid change events result in an average annualized financial benefit of $640,000


Our proven process results in permanent placement of vetted MedSurg leaders within 130 days, on average, from project launch to leader start.

Transformational Leadership Monthly Reports

We measure outcomes to track progress over the length of the project, monetizing all the relevant KPIs, such as:

  • RN Turnover
  • Length of Stay (LOS)
  • Nurse Sensitive Indicators (NSIs)
  • Patient Flow

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An Example of our Highly Qualified Leaders

Placements include MedSurg Director, Manager, Nurse Manager and more

  MedSurg Leader Profile

BSN, MSN prepared leader with extensive experience developing and managing flexible resources such as float pools, resource teams, and patient flow projects

  • Developed the hospital wide Float Pool from 37 FTES to 94 FTES, eliminating agency and travelers for 3 years with an estimated savings of no less than $220,000 per year
  • Decreased department salaries by 9%

“Across the system, [Leader # 184284] was a go-to for Resource Management. He/She was a key leader for nursing and his/her information was always accurate and forthright.”

– Superior Reference

MedSurg & Related Case Studies

Director Critical Care

Flagship Hospital Achieves $2.2 Million Positive Financial Impact

MedSurg/Oncology Nurse Manager

Academic hospital achieves $1,644,713 Positive Financial Impact in 211 days

Med Surg Nurse Manager

Community hospital achieves $186,676 Positive Financial Impact in 240 days

Oncology Nurse Manager

Project Turnaround Time from Diagnostic Assessment to Leader Start 67 days.

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