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“Creating Leadership employment relationships is not a function of more time. Expeditious and high quality relationship creation is a direct consequence of managing the Big4 Threats.”

– Matt Berry, CEO

1. Our 20-Year Proven Process

In our healthcare executive search experience, 77% of leaders hired are found in the first 30 days. We mitigate the Big 4SM Threats to hiring during a 30-Day Active Market Recruitment phase to bring you the best leaders in the market. Those threats we address are:

Riskholder Alignment

Coordinating the desired qualities and requirements the permanent leader must have in order to be successful for you.

Position Desirability

Identify the benefits relative to the competition in your market, and how they meet the needs of the leader you’re looking for.

Manage Intangibles

Understanding, considering, and overcoming those things which cannot easily be measured for, such as cultural fit in your organization.

Process Deviation

Working to guarantee the project stays on schedule. Anything from clearing calendars, prescheduling interviews, and more.

2. The Project Executive

Your Project Executive will perform an assessment of the position to help identify and select the right permanent leader for long-term success.

Meet your potential hospital executive search partner:

Brad Robinson

Brad Robinson


Senior VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Darlene Smuke

Darlene Smuke


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Julie Marconi

Julie Marconi


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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Kristin Opett

Kristin Opett


VP of Accounts & Organizational Strategy

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3. Position Analysis & Market Feedback Report

The 30-Day Active Market Recruitment phase finds leaders that fit your custom leader profile. At the conclusion you will receive a report that includes our efforts:

  • Marketing
  • Market Compensation
  • Initial QualityScreening

Leaders Identified
You will also receive a transparent list of leaders organized according to their alignment with your custom leader profile.

4. HealthLinx’ Best Practice Timeline

Our proven process will get you a permanent leader starting in just 120 days. That’s significantly less than other healthcare recruitment firms, and approximately a third of the time it takes most hospitals who attempt to fill executive leadership roles on their own.

This process works because it contains both the urgency of a contingent search  (via our 30-day Active Market Recruitment) as well as all the details and management of a retained search.

  CNO Leader Profile

Accomplished Executive with a well versed background in Progressive Care, Critical Care and Med/Surg known for improving quality of care while decreasing costs

  • Redesigned patient care delivery model with RN top of license focus on two medicine units, resulting in 30% increased RN time spent with patients, 25% reduction in non-value added RN activities, and $2.5 Million in salary savings

“[Leader # 9985]’s knowledge around Magnet® requirements is very impressive. He/She is very knowledgeable with Six Sigma, Joint Commission and Nursing sensitive indicators. He/She worked with leaders in helping them where they needed to grow.”

– Superior Reference

5. Permanent Leader

Going to market with your custom leader profile, we find the best fit for your permanent leadership position, knowing that we’re setting them up for long-term success.

Placements include:

  • System Executive
  • Hospital Executive
  • Director Level
  • Manager Level
  • Nurse Manager
  • And More

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Case Studies

Administrative Director, Surgical Services

Project Turnaround Time of 96 days from Project Launch & Assessment to Leader Start

NICU & PEDS Director

Project Turnaround Time of 66 days from Project Launch & Assessment to Leader Start

Oncology Nurse Manager

Project Turnaround Time of 67 days from Project Launch & Assessment to Leader Start

Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)

Project Turnaround Time of 102 days from Project Launch & Assessment to Leader Start

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Looking for Something Other than Permanent Leadership?
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You cannot wait, this unit needs a leader immediately. We can have your leader starting in as few as 8 days.

You cannot wait, this unit needs a leader immediately, and you need to actively drive immediate performance improvement.


HealthLinx’ reputation, professionalism and attention to detail prompted me to choose them for this project. The Diagnostic Assessment offered an opportunity for the VP to understand our culture… HealthLinx’ VP’s ability to build a professional, consultative relationship as our trusted advisor was excellent. This was definitely worth the investment!

“HealthLinx® assisted us in completing a hard-to-fill permanent leadership acquisition project. My Account Executive really understood our hospital’s needs and… our culture as well as community environment as evidenced by the candidates presented to us… I’d call HealthLinx again!”