Hospital Department Assessment

Our Department Assessment provides a detailed breakdown of unit metrics and observations that results in a report of prioritized, actionable recommendations.

1. The Department Assessment Process

On-Site Assessment
Three days with our team of experts examining the workings of your department.

Data & Analysis
Our project executives and Business Intelligence team work to analyze your data and information gathered during the assessment.

Your Report
We will come back on-site to deliver the final report, including our recommendations.

2. The Project Executive

With years of healthcare leadership and clinical experience, project management expertise, and a policy of open and regular communication, our team will lead you through a thorough assessment process.

These are some of the executives who could be leading your assessment:

Brad Robinson

Brad Robinson


VP of Leadership Excellence

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Tammy Driver

Tammy Driver


VP of Leadership Excellence

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Darlene Smuke

Darlene Smuke


VP of Leadership Excellence

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3. When We’re On-Site

During the three days our team is on-site, we break the process down in the following way:

Day 1

Discovery sessions with key players for the department starting with the C-Suite and including Directors, Managers, Finance, and others.

Day 2

Diving into major units or areas of operation within your department for further discovery and analysis of day-to-day function.

Day 3

Connecting the dots from days 1 & 2 with observation walks and patient flow walks, concluding with a debrief.

4. The Report

Within your department we will take a look at each unit or area of independent operation.

We uncover their alignment with the strategic plan, employee engagement, processes, patient experience, and the connective elements in between.

You will see those narratives combined with any supporting data analyzed by our clinical experts and BI team, wrapping up with recommendations for improvement.




Opportunities for Improvement


Opportunities for Improvement


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